the hanged man (book one of the vinland series)

What if you could see the future and speak to the gods? What if they told you that your actions would bring pain, war, and death to everyone you know and love?

"It amazes me when an author can weave bits of humor into a harrowing storyline. Ms. Magill has succeeded brilliantly in delivering an edge of your seat tale of madness and war while balancing such a tragic story with dashes of wit and intellect." - Barb M.

"This book was a total delight to read. Magill has invented a new world, but one we can recognise without great difficulty. Her prose is beautiful without being flowery, adding a narrative complexity that is often missing from first time authors, especially in the fantasy genre." - Tash M.

Available for kindle and in paperback here. Audiobook coming soon.

Flowers of Antimony

The ancient art of alchemy is dying.

 Rosalie and her estranged husband, Leon, have watched as the compounds and tinctures that were once so trusted are increasingly being passed over in favor of modern medicine.

 Leon has a plan, but unfortunately he needs Rosalie’s help.

 After everything they’ve been through, Rosalie is reluctant to forgive and forget. Will past betrayals sabotage their efforts, or can they work together to resurrect their livelihood?

 In this twisted romance, the road ahead of Rosalie and Leon is uncharted and dangerous. There are terrible prices to be paid when bringing something back to life.

Available for Kindle here.

Audiobook here, narrated by Carol Monda.