"Growth is not what I do.

Growth is what I am."

We are creators.

We are stars and starlings.

We are potential, love, the Universe.

We are planting our own gardens.

We don't have answers, only questions.

And we are all questing together.

Stellaria is a soul growth society. A supportive space for encouraging the creator in us all.

Powered by Slack (a nifty little online space), and motivated to make magic, we share:

  • Regular workshops and live broadcast gatherings.
  • Victories and intentions.
  • Group-wide invitations to recommit to our practices and growth.

Stellaria. The genus of common chickweed. This is our touchstone.

"Found growing most often in groups, chickweed teaches us how to live and survive in balance with ourselves and with others... She teaches us to look beyond the surface, into the soil in which we want to grow our relationship for the qualities that will best support us. She asks us to be uncompromising in our demand for those qualities, and she reminds us to be picky as well. If the qualities we need for healthy growth are not there, chickweed advises us to move on. Chickweed magic is the magic of discrimination and balance." - The Practical Herbalist

The Fine Print:

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