Kindred Spirits Package

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Kindred Spirits Package


This package is intended to reflect back to you and yours the beauty of your energies, both singularly and as a collective. After tuning into your spirits, I find a common thread in the symbols, messages, and impressions I receive. I abstract and distill patterns and color from those qualities and paint for you a completely one-of-a-kind piece showcasing individual energies as well as the collective's energy as a whole.

You receive:

  • The original artwork (9” by 12”)

  • Full written description of the energies I observed

  • Tailored recommendations for each person for supporting their own energy and the energy of the group

  • A love note from the universe, to you and your kindred spirits

Perfect for celebrating:

  • a mother and child (even if the child hasn't been born yet)

  • couples

  • newlyweds

  • families of all sizes

  • any relationship you wish to uniquely honor

(for individual portraits, uncombined, see my listing for the Higher Self Portraits)

Please Note:

  • I will never share images of your portrait attached to your name. You will always have anonymity unless we discuss and agree otherwise. Also, if for any reason you do NOT want your portrait to be displayed on my site or social media, simply let me know. I know these portraits are very personal, and I never want to make you feel vulnerable.

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Please allow up to five weeks from date of order for delivery - I may very well complete the painting sooner, but I include this 5 week maximum to ensure I have enough time to give your portrait the care it deserves.

Your portrait comes protected in clear acid-free plastic. Mat and frame are not included.

Purchase signifies agreement to the linked artist licensing agreement.