Compassionate guidance

I am here to be the midwife for your rebirth.

As soul-centered and ambitious people, we get stuck in interesting ways.

I've been there. Knee-deep in emotional and spiritual muck, desperate, crying out for help. I still have those days, in fact. The big difference is that over the years I reached out for help, learned, grew, and built up a spiritual toolkit.

These days I know that I have everything I need to seek guidance from my higher self. You do, too. I've made it my mission to help you take this journey exactly as your soul craves to.

Sometimes there's a bigger picture to be seen and appreciated.


Whether you're grappling with the relationship you have with yourself, or the space that you're holding for others, I promise you that there's always a way forward. I will not point you where to go. I will walk with you. Because although we might bear similar wounds, not everyone can take the same medicine.

What I offer are a variety of techniques and approaches which will allow you to see the path that has existed in front of you all along. I'll help you reframe the challenges you're facing, understand the underlying turmoil, and I'll empower you to move forward.

In the end, what you get is compassionate guidance.

Send me a message. Tell me what's going on. Even if my services aren't the best fit for you right now, I'm happy to point you in the right direction.