Catch the Light

Abandon what is heavy. Move toward what is light. This simple premise has welcomed so much magic into my life that you'd think I'd remember to apply it when feeling stuck!

Well, I am nothing if not an excellent example of being human. Forgetful. Often bewildered. Future-jamming, as my good friend puts it, and frequently lost in reverie.

What has helped a great deal lately has been dedicating what little time I have to creative endeavors (you can see/read more about that at my Patreon page) - and diving back into self work. 

Which leads me to the whole purpose of this post. I wanted to point you all to The Limitation Game, a remarkably affordable course ($20!!!!) offered by Kyle Cease. It's featured on the main page right now. Check the trailer. See if it interests you. I marathoned the 8+ hours of pure gold over two days and intend to do it again soon with more time dedicated to the activities.

Cheers. Move toward what brings you joy. Catch the light.