You Will Not Fall

...and never walk again.

Let me explain.

My guides disappeared. They left.

No, not really. That's what the scared part of me says. The part that feels abandoned. The Me that's a Medium. They left me...

What my guides actually did was take a big step back. Like parents encouraging a child to walk, their hands hover at the sides. They lean back and pull their hands away to show me -See? You can stand all on your own! Now walk. 

And of course, I'm scared. I do readings, and they're as accurate as ever, but it's lonely. I miss the familiarity of their presence. The joy of their overt guidance. They're like family. They are family. And they've been quiet, at arm's length.

What if I take a step and I fall?

I've been pondering this question lately. 

Well...I will not fall and never walk again. When we're learning to walk, failure is not a hard stop. It's progress.

Whatever first step it is that you need to take, whatever has you feeling scared, and lonely, just remember that it can go two ways. Either you will not fall...

Or, if you fall, you will not fall and never walk again.

And someone who loves you is always waiting in the wings, ready to help you get to your feet. They'll take their guidance away again, this is true, but it's an act of love - not abandonment.