Weekly Guidance: 6/19 - 6/25

When I was in high school, I pulled off one very spectacular fall. I'd dropped a water bottle and in trying to grab it without stopping I got tripped up in my messenger bag, and mid-trip I stepped on the water bottle and summarily found myself sprawled on the tile floor in the middle of the hallway - laughing hysterically despite my bruised knees and ego. I remember lying there for a moment, not moving or bothering to get up.

Now that's an example with levity, but there are other times when I've been knocked down and decided to stay down that were a bit more serious. Illnesses, defeats, risks that weren't rewarded the way I'd hoped. 

There's a saying that I really enjoy (roughly paraphrased):

Failure isn't getting knocked down. Failure is not getting back up.

But nobody ever said you couldn't take a minute to catch your breath and admire the sky from your fabulous new vantage point. Which brings me to the point of this week's guidance - when you're overwhelmed, when you've been knocked on your ass, when you're down and getting ready to get back up...take your time. There is a sanctuary in that moment. Whether you're laughing at yourself for being so clumsy or wondering if you'll ever feel well again, that time that's spent staring up at the sky is special.

We're accustomed to thinking that being down is bad, that we have to hurry and get back up as fast as possible. But there's no better place to see the stars than from the ground.