Spiritual Advice: Surviving

I'm struggling with why I survived the car wreck I was in when it should have killed me. - anonymous

Near-death, or expected-death, experiences are of course life-changing. Most people only approach that boundary once! Because I can’t speak from prior experience here (though I do know a handful of people who have experienced a brush with death), I tuned in to uncover the spiritual reason for such incidents.

Naturally, among individuals, there can be hyper-specific reasons for surviving or coming back (and I’ll send you a private email regarding that), but overall there are some universal lessons, or reasons, too.

The first big reason for surviving is:

Perspective and redirection.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the fact is that this one particular life you have, being who you are, with the people you’re with – this only happens once. The impermanence of your life makes it precious, and nothing solidifies the fragile and valuable nature of a thing more than almost losing it. A near/expected death can put things into perspective like nothing else. In the grand scheme of things, what really matters? That test that you freaked out about? Those responsibilities that weighed on you so heavily? If you had died, would it be a big deal that you didn’t have nice clothes to wear as a kid? Because you survived, you’ve got an eye-opening opportunity to look around at your life (which is valuable, I promise you) and ask what really matters?

This is a little bit like the second chance phenomenon – for many people, the near-loss is seen as a sign that they can do things differently “this time,” now that their life choices have been put in perspective.

The second big reason for surviving is:


Almost all near-death experiences involve sustaining damage or a loss. But we don’t lose things unless we’re also given something in return. A lot of people wake up to their intuitive abilities after near/expected death experiences. Others wake up to what they feel is their life’s calling. Sometimes, when something is taken away, we get to see that what’s left behind is all the more valuable.

When there’s a loss, what remains is distilled – more potent. Take stock of what remains!

Your survival is a wonderful thing. It means there's more to your life than you might've thought.