Balancing the Equation

A simple three-card spread for identifying missing components when things just don't seem to be adding up.

1: C - The Desired Outcome

What do I want out of this? You can either let this card reveal itself, or consciously choose it from the deck and place it in this position before you start shuffling for the other two cards. Letting the card reveal itself is especially helpful when you think you know what you want, but you're not clear on the nuances of that desire.

2: A- What You Already Have

This is the work that's already done. It's the energy, mindset, or skill that you're already bringing to the table.

3: B- What's Missing

The big question. What do I need to balance this equation, make it complete, and achieve the desired outcome? This card points to that.

I really like this layout because it doubles as a clarifying spread for itself - you take the third card you drew (B- What's Missing), do the spread again, and plug it in as the first card (C - The Desired Outcome). 


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