One Thing After Another

When bad things start happening at a rapid pace, one after another, we see it as a matter of course. We even have a proverb for it.

"When it rains, it pours!"

Your cat gets sick. You find out that you're about to lose car insurance coverage because you never transferred your license and registration when you moved to a different state a year ago (Whoops). And none of that would be an especially big deal except there's a 10-day old child at home that relies on you for on-demand feeding, you don't exactly have a huge stock of milk in the fridge, and it's not practical or wise to haul baby and cat to the vet, or a baby to the DMV. And let's not get started on the fees associated with both events.

Everyone has these seasons where everything goes wrong all at once. It's pretty safe to say I just had (fingers crossed that I'm not premature here in using the past tense) one myself. ***

***EDIT/NOTE: I wrote this post and queued it up on Saturday, 5/20. Later that evening my son became inconsolable and after a thorough once-over and some googling, we determined that we had to get to the emergency room. This turned out to be a good call, and shortly after arriving there we were transferred to a children's hospital. Once there, he was rushed into surgery to correct a truly nasty inguinal hernia. Two days later, exhausted but grateful, he was cleared and we got to go home.

Personally, I turned a critical eye on this recent shitstorm and saw that it wasn't so much about things going wrong as it was about getting a chance to make things right. 

During the course of the vet's visit, we learned our cat has a heart murmur. So that's something we need to keep an eye on. I also got the opportunity to try out a vet - something we haven't needed in years.

During the 5 hour ordeal with two DMVs and one trip back to the house to get paperwork that was missing, I learned that even with all of my emotional energy and coping skills run dry, I could still get shit done.

Our experience at the ER, then in the ambulance, and then at the Children's hospital broke our hearts wide open. Never have we experienced such kindness and care. Every EMT, doctor, and nurse who worked with us gave us a whole new understanding of gratitude. I was also able to confront some pretty big fears about hospitals and doctors. 

An avalanche of challenges is a little like the universe sitting you down and running through a checklist with you. Rapidfire.

How do you feel about this?

How do you want to handle this other thing?

Is this something that sits right with you?

If you believe that you co-create your life with a little help from the universe, then you know that you have to define what it is you want as well as what it is you don't want. When you start to get overwhelmed with the seemingly unstoppable tide of bad news or rotten luck, think of it like this: the universe has come on by with a whole bunch of samples, and it's ready to take your order.

It all comes down to choice. A or B? Or maybe C? Yes, No, Maybe? Here...or there?

As trying as it is, there's efficiency in these moments. And when it doesn't seem that there's a choice to be made, these challenges have a way of showing you your own resilience, especially when you feel most weak.

 You reach a point where things that would normally scare you senseless become manageable under the light of - if we could survive what came before, we'll get through this, too. Your capacity to be strong, calm, and hopeful is so much greater than you know.

Depending on what you're going through you'll either want to roll with the punches, or straighten your spine. Everything is a choice.