Weekly Guidance: 5/1 - 5/7

Be still. Be decisive. You have it in you to to do it all if you can center yourself and approach your life from a place of feeling powerful.

This week, if you hurry and scurry from task to task, you'll make a mess. Everything you're holding is liable to slip through your fingers and fall to the ground, forgotten, as your scattered energy pulls you this way and that.

Have you ever seen anyone work on a potter's wheel?

The clay must be perfectly centered in the middle of the wheel before a pot can be thrown. If it's off-center, the whole thing will at best end up uneven, and at worst, will tear itself apart in the process. To center the clay, the potter must lean in and exert a little force. It's not about dropping the clay on to the wheel dead-in-the-middle on the first try (though you do get better and better at that the more you do it) - it's about seeing what you're starting with, and then pushing, nudging, and centering. A potter knows that their clay is centered when they hold their hands over it, and it doesn't push back at them as it spins and spins.

Are you following this analogy? When you're centered, you're set up for success. Rush it, or ignore the state of your energy when you start? You're going to have a rough time. 

Go slow this week, my friend. There's a big difference between dragging your feet and taking deliberate steps. 

Mini-Meditation: Try the visualization at the end of this post to help you feel more powerful and centered.