Weekly Guidance: 4/24 - 4/30

The Tunnel We’re In: Three of Wands.

Our ship is coming in. We have our boarding pass. We have our bags. The weather is good.

But how long before it gets here? Will the passage be safe? And what exactly will we experience when we get to the other side?

Questions like this can be freeing, or they can be traps. How do they feel to you right now? If they excite you - great. But what if they frighten you? The fact of the matter is that you’re not on that ship yet.

It’ll get here when it gets here.

The passage will be what it will be.

And what’s on the other side? All your postulating and imagining are distractions from what is happening right now.

This week, remember that waiting is tricky. You’re not in the moment if your mind is on whatever you’re waiting for. And everything that happens, happens now, in this moment.

The Light at the End of It: Five of Swords.

If you give up and walk away, you will get what you need.

If you stay and stand your ground, you will get what you need.

We think that when there’s a winner, there must be a loser. It doesn’t really work like that. Yes, people can feel loss. Yes, people can act selfishly. “Everything works out as it should” is not a permission slip to be an irresponsible jerk. But when you’ve done your best, and you’re necessarily co-creating with others, predictability goes out the window. “Everything works out as it should is some comfort you can take when things go a bit wonky.

The light at the end of our tunnel is a knowing that the events leading up to an outcome are unpredictable - but getting what we need - even if, and especially when, we think that what we need is something very different? That’s a certainty.


Feel the weight of your questions, concerns, and fears on you like layers of clothing or heavy jewelry. Get comfortable with it for a moment. You’re expending a lot of energy carrying around all this stuff. It’s very distracting. Breathe deep, and let the weight fall off. If you want to visualize removing a heavy necklace or coat, then do that. Hear it fall onto the floor, or sense it dissolving into nothingness. One by one, drop your questions, concerns, and fears. Feel the weight lift. Feel how free you are to move and do, to act in the moment, to be present, now that you’ve allowed yourself to let go.

Now, enjoy your freedom. Enjoy your day.