Weekly Guidance: 4/17 - 4/23


I drew this card and heard the old adage: "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans."

As long as your eyes are on the work, watching for progress, measuring your advances, you're missing half of your own story. There's more to this scene than the thread in their hands, and there's more to your life than the path beneath your feet.

Lift your head up this week and remember that the wheel never stops turning. Our quirky perception of time can make it feel like we spend an eternity on the upswing or only seconds at the pinnacle, but when we're caught unawares it's because we've been watching the wheel and not the world as we go around and around.

This is a good time to shift your perspective and make sure you're not missing your own life.


I've always disliked the name of this card because the first thing it brings to mind is the game show. The glitter, the plastered smiles, the chok-chok-chok-chok-chok of the wheel as contestants spin it. But, my dislike aside, there's an interesting parallel here between the card, the concept, and the game.

Note that though a player may spin the wheel, and miss the jackpot this time around, they'll be spinning the wheel again soon and that jackpot is still there. Every revolution in life brings with it second, third, and fourth chances. 

So though we're going to try and keep our heads up this week, taking in the sights, relishing in our experiences, we can certainly start the week by honoring our desires. What have you missed the first time it came around? 

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and shake out any tension. What do you hope to land on as the wheel spins this time? Envision the placard on the wheel. Give it a whirl. And imagine the perfect timing and alignment as you get it...this time. Are you as happy as you thought you would be? More so? Change the placard as often as you like. And when you're done, lift your chin. Stop watching the wheel.

Say goodbye to the audience, step out of the studio, and live.

PS - The card above is from Tarot Dore, a deck that Alie and I (Death & Tarot) designed this past year using the gorgeous artwork of Gustave Dore. Curious to know when the deck will be available?