Weekly Guidance: 3/6 - 3/12

In nature, nothing is lost and nothing is wasted. Destruction almost universally leads the way for new growth and opportunities.

This week we'd do well to remember that this law of nature doesn't exclude us. Even though we may see the progeny of our indiscretions (the consequences of actions taken or avoided) as punishment, it's important to take that very human response, that feeling of: I'm being punished, and look at it in the clearer lens of: I'm receiving a gift.

It's the happenings in our life that are bright and shiny on the surface, the good things, that we all look forward to and pray for. But it's the gross stuff...the death, destruction, or breaking down that give us real opportunities to change.

If we accept them. If we go with it. If we look for the door that swung open as the other swung closed. I'm not telling you to look on the bright side, or find the silver lining. I'm suggesting that you don't resist what has come to you, especially if initially it feels like a punishment. This week, get comfy with what has come back to bite at your ankles. It may be hurrying you along to something fantastic, or away from a greater danger. 

Not pictured above are three oracle cards that jumped the deck as I was shuffling: Abundance, Earth, and Sleep - here is their message: 

Another natural law? Good things take time to grow. There's a germination phase for all living things. And often, the more precious it is (a crystal, fruit, grain, a season, a child whether animal or human), the longer it takes to reach maturity.

So have patience.

This week, focus on getting every drop of growth and opportunity out of the unpleasantness you meet and looking forward to the good things that are coming to you, but which need a little more time to grow.

No mini-meditation this week, but I do recommend spiderweb jasper, snowflake obsidian, and fluorite for working within these themes of acceptance and growth.