Empathy is normal. You tell someone that you’re an empath, and they nod knowingly. But you turn around and tell someone that you’re clairsentient and you’re more than likely going to get the side-eye.

Intuition is also generally accepted. If you tell someone that you’re picking up weird vibes, or you just know something’s up, they recognize what you’re talking about. But try and explain to someone that you’re claircognizant and that you’re receiving information from the universe at large, or a guide, and suddenly you’re off-balance. Somehow that’s still too much of a stretch.

I’ve long believed that we, as humans, are most uncomfortable with things that highlight how very connected we really are to the universe, to each other, and to the fabric of creation itself. We are constantly keeping ourselves small, “normal,” and at the mercy of higher powers or deities that we deem to be separate from ourselves. It's just too scary and threatening to the ego to believe that we might actually have a rich understanding or control over our own realities.

You can get vibes - but if you’re psychic, then you’re nuts. You’re reaching. You’re assuming that you’re something more than human. You can have great luck, but if you manifest something then you're delusional.

I’ve got news for you…we’re all something more than human. We’re spirit wrapped in flesh and the “clairs”? - clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance - these “psychic” senses and abilities are our birthright as much as our sense of taste, touch, smell, and sight.

The world tends to think of psychics as the gifted few. Or the crazy. I think we’re neither. In fact, I think you’re one of us. I believe that everyone is psychic or has the ability to be, just like everyone can be a painter, a writer, an electrician, or a veterinarian. We all can learn to read. We can all learn to use our clair-senses. Let me say that one more time: everyone has these abilities to one degree or another, or at the very least the capacity for developing them.

I choose to exercise these abilities and use them, but that does NOT make me more “spiritual” than someone who doesn’t know how to work with these senses or chooses not to.

The more you tell yourself that you don’t have “it,” that you don’t have what the “spiritual” people have, the truer that becomes and that’s only because we create our own realities.

The truth is we’re all special. We are all spiritual. And this holds fast whether you feel your connection when you read scripture, or work through a tough equation, or listen to classical music, or get your feet in the grass, or cook an incredible cake, or look at a sunset, or hear birdsong, or hug your mother - or…whether you’re a medium speaking to the dead and the intangible, or you’re an energy healer, a spiritual guide, or a diviner.

It’s all valid.

Spirituality is not the sole domain of yoga instructors.

You don’t need to meditate every day.

You don’t need a pocket full of crystals, or to be able to read cards or throw runes.

There are tools, activities, and skills that can certainly aid in experiencing the spiritual - sure - but if they’re not for you, they’re not for you. Don’t worry. Living a connected and spiritual life is not barred to you simply because you work in an office and have zero interest in pendulums.

Spirituality is accessible to all.

So what will it be?

Do you feel the call to acknowledge your connection, strengthen its bond, and discover your personal power?

Wherever you are, you’re in the right place.

And if you want a little help seeing the forest for the trees, I’ve got just the thing.

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