Walking Away & Doing the Work (Part Two)

Want to know what this tarot spread is best for? Make sure to check out Walking Away (Part One).

1: What is the theme of the lesson here?

2: What have I already grasped?

3: What am I still learning?

4: The Ego’s Desire

5: The Heart’s Desire

6: The Higher Self’s Desire

7: Who have I been in this challenge?

8: Who can I aspire to be?

9: What no longer serves me and must be left behind?

The answers to these questions will help you fully grasp the nature of whatever or whoever it is you're considering walking away from.

And it's a great start toward extinguishing the guilt, but it's not the only tool available. To do the mental, emotional, and spiritual work of understanding what you're walking away from and why you're doing it, you may also want to incorporate self-reflection in the form of journaling.

Journaling Prompts:

  • Why do I believe I need to walk away?
  • What do I believe this decision means about me?
  • What could change once I leave?
  • What would influence me to turn back?

Still struggling with the idea of walking away, even after you've checked in with your cards and done some journaling? I've got one more tool for you. I've released a book (yeah! a physical book!) that can help you tap your heart and intuition as you consider a new course of action.

51 Roads: Your Guided Journey is now available! It's a wonderful combination of stichomancy and self-reflection that I often turn to when feeling uncertain.

And lastly, I'd like to offer you a few thoughts I've had on the matter.  

Distance and time offer healing.

Being wishy-washy serves no one, but it’s also a mistake to be the stone wall. Be in flow.

Leaving now doesn’t mean you can never come back, or that those in the swamp might not eventually join you in the field.

Choosing a course of action based on another’s anticipated reaction isn’t authentic.

Taking care of yourself is not an act of cruelty towards another.

Let's not worry about being quitters. Instead, let's do the work and walk away if need be.