Weekly Guidance: 3/27 - 4/2

We tend to think of the view. Eyes on the prize. It's either the globe in our hands, or what lies out to sea, or beyond the mountains. Well, that's not where or focus is best given this week. Look instead at where you stand.

Where you set off from when you embark on your journey is as important as the destination you have in mind. 

The grass is always greener. We constantly want more, better, bigger. As Abraham-Hicks likes to put it, we're on the leading edge of thought and creation - it's in our nature to build, grow, and explore.

I don't write these words to talk you out of striving. I only do it to remind you that where you are right now is a result of having outgrown something that came before it. Where you are now was, at some point, probably what you asked for and dreamed of. It may not be perfect, but I bet it fulfills a key wish or desire you once had.

My husband and I were so very tired of renting and living on a property with inconsiderate neighbors. Now we're renting to own. Yes, the house is heating-challenged. A colony of squirrels throws parties in the attic. The house needs a lot of work. Nevertheless, it's quiet. We have plenty of space. We're renting-to-own. There are other perks, too, but moving on...

Wherever you are is perfect for wherever you are right now.

Before you put in more work towards hopping the next fence or crossing the next river, take a moment to appreciate where you've brought yourself.

Mini-Meditation: Look around. Slowly. Take inventory of your surroundings and your resources. Imagine that you are Bilbo Baggins before leaving home on the greatest adventure. You have collected beautiful things, sentimental things, as well as tools and resources. You have comforts and strengths that can be drawn on, based in where you are right now. You have access to motivation that can be derived from what isn't working. Mentally or emotionally, mark each little thing that is just the way you like it, or just a little bit off, and driving you onwards. There is power in your current space. Let it fuel you.