Weekly Guidance: 3/20 - 3/26

This is not a forecast of pain to come. 

It's a reminder that the pain was already here, and that this is the time to stop ignoring it.

When you contract an illness, there's something that gives it away - most of the time. A new pain. A discoloration. A discomfort. Some of us are masters at ignoring the pain. So the infection festers. Then, when it's finally too big to ignore, the suffering we endure is so much greater than it ever had to be.

Let's not allow that pattern to repeat this week. Especially if we're typically the kinds of people who say that we're fine up until the second we've been brought to our knees.

Instead, expand your awareness. Tell yourself: I'll be conscious of my discomforts and my pain this week. When something hurts, I'll notice it. When something makes me uncomfortable, I'll look at it.

It's the little twinges that are your earliest indication of something that needs your attention.

When you run up against your pain this week, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is that coming from?
  • What about this hurts?
  • Why does this particular event/situation/conversation come with a twinge of pain?
  • What am I being reminded of?
  • Is this new? For how long has this event/situation/conversation been bringing up these feelings?

You don't need to solve the problem. This week, open yourself up to being aware and being willing to understand it better. Your life takes care of itself, and the solutions often come when we're not hunting them. Right now your acknowledgment is enough. 

Suggested mini-meditation:

Get comfortable. Breathe. Close your eyes. Your body is a map. Your body is the earth. And you, your spirit, hovers just in front of this map and examines it. You can see where there has been a battle, an eruption, an oil spill, or a drought. You can feel the ache in your bones wherever the natural resources have been stripped away. Where bombs have been tested. 

Look at your body, your earth, your map right now. Where does it tell you that your attention is needed? What has been happening there?