Weekly Guidance: 3/13 - 3/19

I am constantly advising clients and readers to find the lesson in the challenge, the door that just opened when another closed, or, to be trite, the silver lining to the raincloud. I do this not because it's a standard piece of wisdom, or because I want to torture anyone with one of the most basic premises of happiness.

I do it because it's often, literally, step one in broadening your perspective, fostering acceptance, and opening the way for forgiveness. It's the difference between someone who feels like a victim of their life and circumstances and someone who is in collaboration with the universe.

If you can't find the value in an experience, then you've lost out (temporarily) on something very important.

But today I'm not going to hammer that nail again. Or, well, I guess I just did, but it's not the point of this week's guidance.


One of my least favorite cards. Cause and effect. Balance. The other side of the coin. Sure, some people occasionally need the reminder to apply these concepts to their life. But that's not the reminder I'm excited to give - I'm glad something else came through with this card today.

This week, turn the lens around and see where balance is in play. Hint: It's everywhere.

Many of you reading this are well versed at finding the lesson, the wisdom and benefit, in a challenge or unfortunate situation.

But when was the last time you looked at a blessing and acknowledged its challenge?

Some of us do this incessantly, as a mechanism of doubt, fear, low self-esteem, or self-sabotage. I'm not talking about that kind of shift in perspective. If you're automatically looking for the fly in the ointment every time something good happens, then consider this your reminder to start doing the opposite.

For those of us that tend to take the good, and take it wholeheartedly, without doubt or fear, this week offers us an opportunity to observe the operation of balance that we usually gloss over. This isn't meant to turn the good energy on its head - it's an exercise. This is a call to practice seeing the world through the eyes of the universe and energy itself.

There is nothing inherently good or bad (only thinking makes it so).

When you encounter the good this week, don't immediately start picking it apart, finding reasons for it to be "bad," or piling fear and anxiety on top of it. This is delicate. We're not erasing the good, only hoping to see it as whole. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I learning from this development/experience?
  • What had to be released in order to make way for this blessing?
  • What prior beliefs are contradicted by this improvement?

Personally, I believe meaning exists because of conscious decision. The world could mean nothing, and the springing up of early tulips could mean anything, or everything. It's a choice.

This week, be conscious. See the whole picture. Analyze what's usually taken for granted or unquestioningly accepted. Make choices.

Mini-meditation Suggestion: A simple acceptance practice. Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Allow thoughts of what has been given to you this week to rise to the surface. Allow thoughts of what has been taken away from you this week to rise to the surface. With the appearance of each thought, acknowledge it. Thank it for its presence, and for however it has manifested in your life. Without getting the gears turning to figure out how to fix a problem, or springboard from a victory, accept what is here before you in your life right now. It is what it is. Greet it, thank it, and wait patiently for the next thought. The good is not going to evaporate, and the bad will not be bad forever - especially not now that you've really acknowledged their presence.