Tarot Spread: The Hero's Adventure

When I find myself taking life too seriously, I do my best to reframe the challenges I'm experiencing as a game. Having grown up with Nintendo, naturally, my heart will always belong to the Legend of Zelda series...so if you see a little resemblance here between the naming and positions of the cards and the elements of Link's adventures? You're not imagining it.

1: Theme of the Dungeon/Temple

Every level and challenge has a theme. This card tells you what kind of challenge you're up against (and we pray it's not a water temple - cue rage-quit!)

2: The Upgrade

The universe never tosses us into the thick of things unprepared! This card tells you what mental/spiritual/emotional/physical enhancement is already at your fingertips, granted to you or awakened within you the moment you stepped foot into this new challenge.

3: The Mini-Boss or Puzzle

Crack those knuckles, stretch those mental muscles. This card here is the test within the test, and that upgrade you got earlier? It's essential to you working (or hacking) your way through this particular snag in the adventure.

4: The Master Key

You're almost there. This card is the key that unlocks the Boss's chamber. It's the essential step that literally opens up the path for you to conquer the big baddie.

5: The Boss Monster 

Or "end boss" if you prefer. If you want to conquer it you'll have to use everything you've gained and learned up until this point. This card represents the heart of the challenge.

6: The Shiny

You did it, you defeated the boss, and you'll be rewarded. This is your prize. It may be a new skill, accomplishment, or understanding. It could be a shiny new sword! Frequently it's connected to the theme of the dungeon and the boss monster, so make sure to look at how this reward relates to what you've been encountering on this adventure.

7: Hey, Listen!

The universe (or sometimes an annoying fairy) is always willing to give you a hint. This card is that friendly tap on the shoulder - it's the sage advice that will help you all throughout this particular challenge.