Weekly Guidance: 2/27 - 3/5

I'd thought I was going to pull only one card today, so I drew the Male Significator from my much-beloved Rackham Oracle. A clear message came through: It's time to get shit done. Plant your feet. Draw your weapon. Meet your challenge and strike fear into its heart.

The message was immediate, strong, and didn't meander one bit. But then I got the itch to pull another card. I realized that for some people accessing this guidance right now, there was another level...

And so I pulled one more. Cultivation. Ahhhhh yes. There's usually more than one message to be gleaned from any given reading, and herein was the key to something else that's coming to the surface for some of us. 

If we don't feel up to the task of slaying monsters and saving the world today, then this is a good week to build up to it.

Not everyone wakes up battle-ready. In fact, few do. Most of us have to take a little time with preparations before we can be as imposing as the first card suggests we be. Where did that big ol' sword come from, anyway? Who was conquered, whether by wit or strength, that allowed him to don that glorious fur-adorned cape? What has he seen in the past that has imbued him with that calm and commanding stare?

Cultivation can be done gently. It can also be done as if in a fever. Both approaches are valuable because different challenges call for different types of cultivation. So spend this week either in preparation, in building up to the doing, or in the doing itself, which is in its own way a kind of building.

Did I lose you? 

Actions aren't the end. They're the beginning or sometimes the stepping stones in between the beginning and the end. Meeting challenges doesn't equal accomplishing a goal, or closing a loop. Victories often mark the rising action in a story.

So build this week. Either by gearing yourself up, or cultivating your passion, or by moving the action forward via decisive, dynamic action.

A Mini Meditation:

Close your eyes. Breathe. Really breathe. Think about what it would feel like to build on something today. Either to build on a past accomplishment, or to prepare yourself for another. What would you do? How would you do it? As soon as you feel that little spark or stirring of motivation (it might feel like anxiety) - stop. Get up. Do the thing. Or start to do the thing. Grab that thread of inspiration and strength and see where it leads.

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