How to Love (Those That You Don’t)

Acknowledge that love is what you want. Remember that judgment is a fence between you and them.

Know that the gate in this fence opens from your side only. Nothing they do or say on the other side is going to open the way.

The choice to love is yours and yours alone.

If you can manage it, love grants both of you freedom.

But sometimes it’s too difficult to imagine the divide dissolved.

If you can’t just yet, if you can’t find the gate through the haze of hate, then consider planting flowers on your side of the fence.

These flowers are small, gentle thoughts:

I do not know your life story. I do not know all your pain. I do not know what fears are speaking with your voice. I do not, can not, know your heart.

Eventually, the flowers will drop their seeds, and more flowers will grow – eventually at the feet of those you struggle to love.

These flowers won’t change your heart and make you love them. But they will make it easier for you to stand at the fence. To stay awhile.

If nothing else, time might rust the hinges. Time may open the gate and reveal that you stand in the same field of flowers.