Weight of the World

This morning I woke up with a song in my head:

“And you were carrying a lot of weight upon your shoulders, and shrugging it off like it don't even matter.”

It repeated half a dozen times before I realized what was happening. Eventually, I paid attention to this song that I knew well - a Jukebox the Ghost song called “Carrying.”

I don’t always believe that a song stuck in the head is a message from our Spirit Guides, but sometimes…sure. Especially when it's a song you haven't heard in a while. And as I paid attention, I laughed.

I thought: Yes, yes, I get it. I’m carrying the weight of the world for no reason. Cute message. Thanks, guys.

So I went about my day. But the song nagged at me. While driving home from some errands I decided to play the whole song and really listen to it. Then, there it was. The real message:

"Don't be angry, don't be sad, don't be blue. And why on earth should you do what God wants you to do when he's got more than a few manuals from which to choose? And the sadness you have Is the love that you feel trying to turn itself Into something that's real." 

In the face of the garbage fire (or “ascension” if we’re in a forgiving mood) that was 2016 - I understood with great clarity that there was no more playing small. There would be no more sitting on the sidelines, not if we were going to make real progress on society’s issues. But the weight of that was incredible.

How many calls to congress could I make? How many articles could I share? How many causes could I donate to, or otherwise support? How could I possibly do enough to make a difference?

When you have a great love for love, and you can see things crumbling all around you, it can feel like you have to save the world.

Surely, you must do all the things, or you’re wasting your gifts and energy, right? Surely, if you let one injustice go unspoken for, you’ve failed yourself, the Universe, and the people that desperately need help?


No, my friend. That’s how burnout and nervous breakdowns happen. And one line in particular from that song reminded me of this: “And why on earth should you do what god wants you to do when he’s got more than a few manuals from which to choose?”

There are billions of people on this Earth. It’s everyone’s job, not just yours. It doesn’t mean that everyone has to tackle every single issue. It means you only have to tackle the ones that call to you.

I’ll give you an example. I had a tarot reading client who felt that they were given a mission by God and had come to me to get some clarity on that. It became clear that this person had a passion for music and was an insider in the music industry, and also that she felt very strongly about injustices against people within the music industry.

I pulled cards, and everything lined up. Yes, there’s injustice in the music industry. And you are uniquely equipped to help there.

“But what am I supposed to do?” they asked.

I remember being a little perplexed because the answer seemed so obvious: Where something disturbs you…that’s where you do something. Wherever you see the “injustice” that makes you think “injustice!” in the first place is where you do something. When you’re plugged into the cause, the “what next?” reveals itself.

It’s usually finding the cause that most people never get around to.

So what are you supposed to do? Pay attention. Then, when something grabs you, you act.

We are all uniquely equipped. We are all, in a sense, different “manuals” which the universe/god/source has at its disposal.

If you feel called to make a difference in the world, then it’s not necessarily your calling to make all of the differences in the world. 

The key to understanding where you can act is in recognizing what makes you angry. What breaks your heart. What makes you love.

If you’ve got a savior complex going on lately, then I want you to realize now that, to borrow a lovely lyric, “the sadness you have is the love that you feel trying to turn itself into something that's real.”

You being upset is not a sign that you’ve failed. It’s a sign that you’re trying to do more than you were ever equipped to do. At least…at this time. So take that burden off your shoulders for a second and consider that you can make a bigger difference aligning your gifts with the world’s ills if you pay attention to what really gets to you. Laser-focus your energy. A scattershot approach will only burn you out and leave you jaded. Plus, you'll probably miss the target.

It’s enough to be the light where you feel the greatest amount of pain.

You are enough.