Soft Questions for Reading Tarot and Writing Fiction

A while back, Alie and I (through Death & Tarot) did a workshop on reading tarot intuitively.

If you were there during the live broadcast, or if you watch it now, then you'll notice that I used a phrase several times and seem to be confused with myself each time I used it.

"Soft Questions."

Ask yourself soft questions when you look at a card. What do I see here? Who is the querent? What's happening?

It's a technique I consider invaluable when reading intuitively (both with tarot and mediumship), and yet...I could hardly define it. Until just recently.

See, I commute to several different jobs now (long story, but if you're on my newsletter list you've got some insight into that) and while I dislike commuting in general, I absolutely love the time and space it affords me to daydream.

I frequently use those commutes to work out snags in my stories. With limited time to write during the day, the otherwise deadtime that is 20, 30, or 40 minutes of driving has become essential to me. I ponder my characters, ruminate on scenes I'd like to include, and work out the snags.

The other day I realized that I was asking myself these "soft questions" as a part of the writing process. It was the same kind of question that I was trying to explain during the workshop.

For example - stuck on the fate of a particular character, I asked: "What's going to happen to Jon?"

This was a soft question. Essentially, an open-ended question.

But more importantly, a question that I had no intention of answering. 

It's a query that you simply breathe life into, and then watch. It's how messages and inspiration from Spirit can most easily flow to you.

That is the point behind a soft question.

Ask softly. With no intention to logic your way through it.

Because getting answers in a reading (and in writing) isn't always about logic. It's about inspiration and energy.

You won't get an answer unless you ask a question.

So ask softly. Spirit almost always has an answer.