Energy Technique: Add the Odd

Energy work was one of the most important things I learned while honing my skills as a tarot reader and a medium.

Grounding, clearing, cleansing decks, cleansing crystals, reading and working with chakras, improving clairvoyance and clairsentience - all of these activities are predicated on an understanding of energy and a willingness to work with it. 

A lot of people visiting this site are not unaware of these concepts and techniques. Many of you are budding intuitives or energy healers. You probably know your way around a grounding cord. If that's the case, I've got a tip for you.

Have you ever noticed how it can be hard to hold on to a visualization? Or, while doing energy work (or just after) it feels less real than when you started? Less tangible? Working with the metaphysical can sometimes feel like a great big exercise in fooling yourself. But I learned a little trick when I first started that makes a huge difference:

When visualizing energy, add a little touch of the odd.

Establishing your grounding cord? Add a ring of fireflies around it. Maybe they're even wearing little top hats?

Putting up a bubble because the energy at the office is really out of whack? Mark up that bubble with a bumper sticker.

Cleansing a space? Put down an energetic roomba, or use a neon dustbuster.

I've found that those weird little touches are kind of like an anchor. If all you picture is a glowing ball of light when shielding, or a cord when grounding, it's...light. It drifts. It floats. But if you add a ring of fireflies around that grounding cord, or you put a bumper sticker on your bubble, it feels more real, personal, and in my experience that enhances the effectiveness.

Adding the odd, the humorous, the unexpected - these are ways of taking a metaphysical activity out of the elusive realm of the invisible and grounding it more in the physical reality. And if we're being honest, isn't that the goal? Give it a try! Notice anything different?