If you're looking for...

  • Coaching and community for soul-centered alignment.
  • Spiritual triage with a side of soulful transmutation.
  • More self-respect.
  • Less self-neglect.
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And a way to gracefully release what no longer serves you, while making a grateful invitation to everything that lights you up...

Then I invite you to join the Soul Growth Society

I've created this monthly program for those of you who feel that they need a bit of soulful readjustment. When we're out of alignment with our personal power, nothing goes right. But when we're in alignment, the world becomes magical. This is one area of spiritual guidance that I have an abundance of personal and professional experience in - and I want to share it.

So how do we get that soul back into alignment, ease the ache, and get you eyeballs deep in magic?

I tune in. You take one small step after another. Here are the details.

This is what it looks like:

Balance (1st Tier)

  • I'll touch base with you once a week via email.
  • You'll get practical guidance, motivation, and simple steps that you can take each week to bring your soul back into realignment. There may be journaling prompts. There may be projects. There may be decisions to make. Each month holds a new adventure.
  • You'll have access to the community - a safe space to talk with others in the group and share your successes (and your struggles).

Focus (2nd Tier)

  • Everything that comes with subscribing at the Balance level, plus...
  • Access to monthly group coaching with me! Submit your questions/situations (anonymously if you like) and at the end of the month I'll release special content/guidance just for you.

Are you in?

We're always on the right path, and we're always exactly where we need to be. But when you feel like you're walking beside yourself, heavy-hearted, and you're not sure how to get your soul and spirit back into alignment, then it's time to take action. That's what the Soul Growth Society is for.

Month to Month Subscription
Email for Delivery

The Fine Print:

-Subscription to the Soul Growth Society indicates agreement with these Terms and Conditions

-Subscriptions between the 1st and 7th of the month begin on the month they are made - except for May 2017. All subscriptions made during May 2017 begin on June 1st when we officially start. 

-Subscriptions between the 7th and the last of the month go into effect for the following month.