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Latest News - July 2017

I’ve always approached the work I do with a plea - “Let me help you! I just want to help." It’s honest and sincere, but it’s not what a lot of you want. 

The Soul Growth Society is different. I’m launching this project from your side. Not from the stage. We’re all working through stuff, and we can make much greater strides if we walk together.

For those of you who don’t want a guide, I invite you...


self-discovery, healing messages & 

compassionate guidance

refine your soul-centered creations with

insightful Editing Services


I use 100% pure essential oils, including orange, pine, lavender, and clary sage to create this blend.

Delicate, zesty, and floral. Like lying in a field of wildflowers with nothing to do but watch the clouds.


Use it to add some enchantment to your life.